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Commercial CCTV - Protection for commercial businesses

Given the commercial menace today, we cannot deny the fact that an adequate commercial security system is the need of the hour. Camera coverage is certainly a major component of any security system, and in all likelihood should be the first port of call for anyone who is looking to increase the levels of their security.

Our well set up CCTV system plays a key role in keeping employees, customers and physical premises safe. Often, the mere presence of a well set up, a visible camera system can deter criminals before they even consider a break-in or theft.

Above all, the cameras give the people in and around your premises a sense of security, safe in the knowledge that if something does go wrong, there will be a record of what happens.

Modern CCTV security systems like ours can be accessed from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. This means if you have multiple offices, you are in an industry that’s at a high risk of the threat, or if you travel regularly and have to monitor your facilities from your location, a comprehensive CCTV system in place is the answer!

Why you need a Commercial CCTV?

Crimes and thefts are being reported every single day and are tremendously on the rise. Recently, there was a major crime reported near Langthwaite Business Park in the Wakefield area of Yorkshire. Large businesses were shut down owing to the increase in crime and vandalism.

On the same page, a shopkeeper in Ashford was threatened and a huge sum of money was looted. Also, in Uxbridge Road in Shepherds Bush, West London,  a Range Rover was driven through the front window of a jewellery shop during a smash-and-grab robbery. Three people targeted the shop. The group broke the glass display cases with a sledgehammer to steal items and fled. 

With 94 crimes reported on average per 1,000 citizens, particularly of anti-social behaviour and theft, the crime rate remains higher than average according to Avon and Somerset Constabulary. The above incidents clearly demonstrate the significance of installing an efficient CCTV system in order to deter crime and reduce the level of theft occurring within your premises.

The pros of installing a Commercial CCTV system

Well, if you have a business or commercial premise, then, investing in a CCTV system installation that is authentic and trustworthy is indeed a must. Let us tell you why!

  • CCTV acts as a valid source to deter criminal and fraudulent practises taking place in the society we currently live in. A professional CCTV set up will help you in preventing such activities in your premise effectively.

  • CCTVs are a huge plus in any organisation as it records the incidents and mishappenings clearly without giving a room for doubt during any speculation. The footage can be used as a well-grounded proof to justify the exact truth.

  • The CCTV footages come really handy as they can be accessed on multiple platforms including desktop, mobile or tablet, anywhere, anytime. 

  • All the CCTV systems offer 24/7 surveillance and promise 24-hour security that can be blindly trusted. 

Who we work with

As specialist commercial CCTV installers, we’re equipped to work with anyone, no matter the size of the business or the scope of the system that needs to be installed.

With a comprehensive range of up to date cameras and supportive technology, knowledge of the most effective ways to protect your premises, from layout suggestions to your specific industry security needs, and highly trained teams situated across the entire country, we’re a one stop shop for effective CCTV commercial security needs.

Whether you’re a small office with half a dozen people, or a full-scale production warehouse that needs absolute coverage of the entire floor plan, we guarantee to meet your needs.

To discuss CCTV installation, or ask a question regarding your particular security needs, you can contact us today on

Our CCTV Packages

As commercial specialists, we have a wide range of CCTV packages available for your company.

Our systems run the whole range, from minimal and simple to use two and four camera systems, ideal for small cafes, garages, restaurants and showrooms, to fully linked HD 64 camera systems across a range of screens and areas, covering large offices, major retail spaces, warehouses, factories, schools and healthcare facilities.

When you work with us, you can be secure in the knowledge that no matter the size of your property or your security needs, we can meet them.

Our Cameras

Our installation plans offer you two different choices of market leading camera technology, depending on your needs.

Our entry level camera: The Turbo HD 5 megapixel, is the perfect choice for small to medium sized businesses to whom security is not a chief concern.

Weatherproof, with 40 meters of night vision and motion activated detection, they’re ideal for outside use, but the high clarity and simplicity also makes them ideal for internal monitoring.

Our advanced cameras run at 4k Ultra HD, with 8 megapixels of super high clarity. On top of the same benefits as our basic cameras, you also gain another layer of weather defence, making them perfect for rugged and exposed security systems, state of the art facial recognition technology, and 4k monitors as part of your package.

All of our camera systems also come with a comprehensive 3-year warranty, giving you peace of mind should your new investment develop any issues.

Why install a CCTV system?

There are several major reasons why you should want to install a CCTV commercial system in your place of business, which might include:

• Increased security: The biggest reason, and the one you no doubt thought of first. Not only is CCTV a powerful prevention tool against criminality, it’s also good evidence in the event of a crime.

• Evidence: In case the worst happens, CCTV can be the difference between capturing the offender and them getting away scot free. High quality HD CCTV cameras like ours are powerful enough to use alongside facial recognition techniques that the police use, hugely increasing the chances of successful arrest.

• Loss prevention: CCTV isn’t just for outside of a property. Interior CCTV can watch stock levels, preventing theft or damage by customers and personnel.

• Monitoring your business: Knowing that you’re protected by a camera system can be a big reassurance for personnel and customers, as well as giving management a way to see what goes on when they aren’t present.

• Off-site monitoring: In addition to the above, CCTV systems can now be tied in to each other simply and easily, allowing you to monitor multiple premises at once with the minimum of risk, no matter where you are.

• Cost reduction: Professionally installed CCTV can reduce the need for security personnel on your premises. You can also factor in the costs saved from crime prevention, as well as savings on possible insurance premiums.

Our Teams

With over 90 teams across the nation, our teams can be with you no matter where you are or what you need.

We’re with you every step of the way. From the moment you contact us, our customer support team will be happy to discuss your exact needs, walking you through the process from start to finish.

Once we understand your business and security concerns, our installation teams will come out to you to assess your property. Whether you know exactly what you want, or you need a professionally designed security plan laid out, our knowledgeable personnel are on hand.

When it comes time to install, we work with you, scheduling our install to offer the least amount of disruption in your working day. Our workmen are fully trained in all health and safety practices, and we’re fully compliant, making sure that your staff and ours are safe from the moment we set foot on your premises, until the final clean up is done.

What makes us a successful CCTV installer company?

The CCTV installation services are offered by experts who understand the significance of an effective CCTV system today. We are a full-fledged team who manage and monitor all the activities relating to CCTV installation meticulously. Below are a few highlights:

Extremely versatile

We are an extremely versatile team who recommend and install CCTVs in your commercial properties as per your demands. Our services can be expandable as per your convenience. You can easily add the IP cameras to your network as and when you need them. In short, you can expand your CCTV yourself with our guidance according to your scale of business. 

Easy accessibility

The CCTV systems installed by us offer easy access without any complexities involved. So, even if you are not tech-savvy, you can easily operate your system without any hassles. 

Instant and prompt installation

We pride in calling ourselves experts when it comes to the installation of CCTV systems. We recommend and install best-in-class CCTVs that help you operate and manage all the activities efficiently. 

What Next

The next steps are simple. If you’re looking for commercial CCTV installers for your business, call us today to schedule your consultation.

contact us by phone here, or take 30 seconds to fill in your details on our quick quote page and let us get back to you

Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial CCTV

Where is the footage saved in a CCTV system?

The footage is saved in two places either on the camera itself via an onboard SD Memory Card, or through a corresponding network video recorder.

Can I have a wireless commercial CCTV installed?

Well, you can but wired security cameras are more reliable and cheaper to boot. 

Can clashing signals reduce the speed of my internet?

Yes, they can. Hence, you need to be careful while placing the wires especially if you are installing a wireless camera. You should be familiar with the signal strengths. 

Do I have to compulsorily use a Regulated Power Supply?

Yes, of course. Most of the CCTV manufacturers recommend users to such power supplies as standard with their equipment. You should always consult the manufacturer’s specifications prior to the connection.

Can I view the images remotely?

Yes, you can. All you need is a stable broadband connection and get your DVR connected to it. 

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