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CCTV in Leicester by UK CCTV Installations

At UK CCTV Installations, we have a team of professional installers for home and business owners looking for CCTV in Leicester.

We are able to supply and professionally fit specialist security systems that are tailored to your exact needs to help keep a watchful eye on your residential or commercial property.

Our company with local technicians is able to carry out customised installation services in and around your Leicester home or business at an affordable cost and convenient time to suit you.

With our state of the art remote-view technology, you can view your protected property on any device, at any time whether you are on holiday, at work or exercising at the local gym.

Top Quality CCTV You Can Depend On

Whether you are considering CCTV to protect your property in Leicester for the first time or are looking to upgrade your current setup for a more sophisticated system, UK CCTV Installations is a local company that is here to help.

Not only do we specialise in closed-circuit television packages for domestic residents in Leicester, but our commercial installation services allow you to protect the business you worked hard to create with as many cameras as you need to give you peace of mind and protection from vandals and thieves.

Why People in Leicester Choose Us For CCTV

At UK CCTV Installations, we pride ourselves on providing an unrivalled service for installation, repair and maintenance of CCTV systems in Leicester.

Our highly qualified engineers pay great attention to detail with absolutely no compromise on quality regardless of your budget or chosen CCTV system.

What’s more is, we have a team of experienced CCTV advisors on hand to provide you with honest and trusted advice with no obligation and no pressure sales.

And unlike other CCTV companies in the Leicestershire area, we supply and fit your premises with the system it needs rather than what the company wants to sell you.

Not only that, but our company is local enough to care, but large enough to cater for all business and home CCTV needs from a single camera setup for your terraced house, to 64 camera systems suitable for schools in Leicester, large business premises and factories.

Leicester Crime Levels

Leicester, like many other major cities in the UK, is not immune to crime – especially theft and criminal damage.

In fact, despite Leicester having relatively low levels of crime in general, it does suffer from worrying levels of burglary, robbery, shoplifting and criminal damage. It has an average combined incident rate of around 800-900 per month as reported by UK Crime Stats.

However, perhaps the most surprising figure is antisocial behaviour, which accounts for almost a quarter of all incidents reported on average.

A CCTV installation not only protects your property from incidents such as this but can also help deter crime before it happens.

Monitor and record your home or business, including the people in it, saving you undue stress, money and time.

How Our CCTV Systems Have Been Helping People in Leicester

CCTV can be a deterrent for crime, there’s no doubt about that, but how many times have you seen on TV and in the news that genuine people have been let down by poor systems or outdated setups?

Often, we see victims of crime angry and frustrated because of low CCTV picture clarity, lack of night vision or blind spots.

Our professional team of CCTV installers in Leicester have been helping both business and homeowners from Narborough and Enderby to Syston and Blaby.

The reason why our expert CCTV technicians are able to help so many people in Leicester is due to our experience, skills and knowledge of the security industry. On regular occasions our team goes above and beyond as standard with the services they provide, including:

  • Believing your safety and peace of mind is paramount so that you feel protected at all times.
  • Conducting CCTV installations in a sensitive and confidential manner.
  • Thorough testing of every installation to get inside the minds of criminals and ensure your property’s angles and blind spots are covered.
  • Deterring criminals with visible, yet secure CCTV cameras and monitoring systems.
  • Not only can our technicians install CCTV in Leicester, but we can advise you on the ideal system for the exact area you live in be it Whetstone, Birstall, Groby, Littlethorpe and beyond.

CCTV Company in Leicester

In today’s day, CCTV is widely used in Leicester and surrounding areas, especially in the city centre.

Many properties, both residential and commercial utilise security cameras to not only make themselves feel safe, but to deter criminals from committing crime.

Being one of the largest cities in the East Midlands, Leicester, (home of the Leicester City FC and the King Power stadium, which has one of the largest CCTV setups in the city), people are accustomed to seeing CCTV on both houses and business premises – something that was mostly reserved for large commercial properties in days gone by.

With that said, any doubt about the appearance of CCTV and how it looks or how it is stereotyped is phasing out, making the decision to hire CCTV installers in Leicester easier and the right thing to do to protect your assets and possessions.

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