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CCTV Installation Nottingham: The best way to beat crime

Did you know that CCTV is perhaps the single most efficient and cost-effective method of protection and deterrence against crime that anyone can use?

National statistics show that the presence of cctv can be a huge deterrent to criminals. Often, the mere sight of a CCTV camera can prevent a criminal from entering a property, and should the worst happen, and an intruder enter your home or business, having CCTV footage can be the difference that contributes to their eventual arrest.

It’s so significant that CCTV by itself solves literally thousands of crimes, every single year.

That means, if you haven’t already protected your property with CCTV, you’re missing a huge part of your protective network, and leaving yourself at risk.

CCTV Installation Nottingham, and beyond

UK CCTV Installations have worked with hundreds of clients to protect what matters most to them.

Once you contact us, we’ll start by discussing your needs, allowing us to assess your security requirements so we can make a customised recommendation for the highest possible level of safety.

When we’ve agreed on a plan of action, our highly skilled engineers take over. We do everything we can to make your installation fast and easy. By working around you wherever possible and doing all we can to integrate ourselves with your daily life, we’ll install your chosen system with the least amount of disruption possible.

Our teams are all fully insured and comprehensively trained in health and safety measures, ensuring the safety of everyone involved throughout the entire process.

Where we operate

UK CCTV Installations work across the country, but we prefer to keep our teams local.

With almost one hundred teams around the UK we’re available when and where you need us most.

That’s why, when you work with us, you know that you’re getting a team of engineers that are specialised for CCTV installation Nottingham, as well as the surrounding area.

Our CCTV Nottingham teams are fully trained, with years of experience and will work with you to make sure that by the time your installation is complete, you’re as well protected as you can possibly be.

It’s our belief that using local teams like this gives us and our customers several huge benefits:

  • Local teams reduce the amount of travel time, giving us the capacity to respond to you, fast, when you need us most.

  • By understanding the area, and the specific security needs that are involved, we can make more effective and targeted recommendations to keep you protected and safe.

Security in Nottingham

As a huge city with a bustling city centre, active nightlife and vibrant student population, Nottingham has a lot to love. But like every major city, all those people bring a high level of risk for residents and businesses.

Nottingham currently rates in the top three cities for highest rates of crime across the UK, with a staggeringly high figure of 97.8 crimes per 1000 people. The city centre itself also has exceptionally high rates of theft and shoplifting.

Considerations like this are why you need CCTV to protect yourself. Whilst it might be seem like added expense, we know that the best way for residents and businesses to stay safe is to invest in CCTV.

CCTV Installation Nottingham: Who we work with

We’ve worked with clients of every size, both commercial and residential. No job is too big or too small.

No matter what you need, we have packages available for any budget. Our teams of engineers are always happy to assess your situation for you and make recommendations based around your particular security needs.

Whether you need a single camera system for your home, or a network of High Definition cameras watching every angle of your commercial business, you’ll find a package that suits you perfectly.

Emergency Installation

Have you had a break in and fear further intrusions? Have you taken over a new premise that has woefully out of date security?

If you need a CCTV Nottingham engineering team to get to you and install up to date security fast, contact us today to book your emergency call out.

Our Camera systems

We offer two options when it comes to our cameras.

Our entry level model, the 5-megapixel Turbo HD, is an excellent general-purpose camera that outperforms most other models for the cost.

Fully weatherproof, with 40 meters of infrared night vision, motion detection, up to 4 weeks of backup, remote viewing capabilities, and a built-in monitor for your whole system.

If you need the highest level of security, our 4k Ultra HD 8-megapixel cameras operate at the highest levels of clarity, whilst also providing facial recognition technology and the option to integrate straight into any existing network video recorder (NVR) systems.

Both camera options come with 3-year warranties, and our comprehensive aftercare services are there to keep you operating, should you run into any issues.

Remote viewing on all your devices

There is no worse feeling than being helpless to protect what you own, and your property is at its most vulnerable when you’re not in it.

No matter where you are in the world, whether it’s on a sunny beach with your family, or simply away from the office at the weekend, you need to know that your property is safe.

Which is why all our cameras have remote viewing accessibility built in. Once installed, every one of our camera systems are accessible on any device you own that connects to the internet. Sitting in your home office, or on the tube with your smartphone, you can check in and stay secure.

As part of your installation process, our engineers will also be happy to set up your devices for you and give you a comprehensive run through of features so you’re 100% secure in how everything functions.

As unfortunate as it is, requiring security is a part of living in a large city. If you live in or around the Nottingham area, to discuss your needs or make a booking for a consultation regarding CCTV installation Nottingham, contact us today

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