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School CCTV

With years of experience in supplying CCTV security to schools across the country, UK CCTV Installations understands the smallest of details required to address the everyday concerns of school’s staff, parents and children.

It goes without saying that the best way in helping to avoid any unlawful activity at the school premises is by introduction of a reliable security camera system. A professional school CCTV installation company with intelligent techniques & solutions is surely a blessing in overcoming most of the security concerns.

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Safety and Security – For every school management, ensuring security on site is the number one priority as it is pivotal not only for overall peace of mind but also plays a big role in reputation of any institution. Equally for parents, it is paramount that they have peace of mind and trust that their children are well looked after in a safe environment.

Anti-Social Behavior – Bullying is one of the most common issues faced by children these days which can have everlasting effect on a child’s psychological well-being. Also, there have been numerous cases where vulnerable children have been used as a medium for distribution of prohibited and harmful drugs.

Property Damages – A school simply cannot afford to have a weak perimeter and internal security due to various threats such as burglary, vandalism, theft or any other potential damage to the property of the school.

Evidence and Proof – Another tricky area for schools is to gather proof against any false claims made by the staff or students. This can be even trickier if there is no video evidence of the incident, which may result in damaging a school’s reputation.


System Design – Team of UK’s most sought after engineers,survey and design a professional CCTV setup that includes coverage of all important and blind spots and effective plan for best cable routes to professionally contain all cabling out of sight conserving aesthetics.

Intelligently monitored busy corridors, hallways, reception, canteen, libraries, sports facilities, remote entrances, and exits& parking areas and any areas that has significant human activity.

Central Power – We can take power up to 500m to cameras away without the need for separate power provisioning

Fire Proof Cabling – Use of LZSH (low smoke zero halogen) cables, which are fireproof and produce less hazardous smoke.

Remote Monitoring – With the help of remote viewing feature on our school CCTV systems, the management can keep an eye on valuables and appropriate use of recourses. We can also assist in out of hours Monitoring Services – Calling Key holder & police in case of an incident.

Legal & Compliance Awareness – Preparation of necessary legal / H&S documentation includingGDPR compliance, ICO, health and safety risk assessment / method statement.

• Clearly establishing who has responsibility for the control of private data.
• Identifying the specific purposes for the use of the information, and communicating them to operators.
• Establishing clear procedures to identify how information is handled in practice.
• Documenting all administrative aspects and ensuring that all responsibility is traceable, either internally (through internal procedures) or to third-party service providers, through clear legal contracts.
• Regularly reviewing procedures and documentation related to surveillance activities


Deterrence – CCTV for schools can prove to be an effective deterrent and may help in significantly reducing anti-social behavior from staff, parents and children.

Peace Of Mind – Reduce number of incidents, in turn saving valuable time and false health and safety claims. Parent’s satisfaction is always important and can be aided by introduction of school CCTV cameras.

Financial Savings – Reduced insurance premiums, financial saving of man guarding services,energy saving with the use of CCTV with night vision capability etc.

Evidence – In case of any incident, there is always a good chance of capturing it on CCTV and extracting the vital information in time for a quick and effective resolution.

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