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London’s top-class CCTV installation service at offering solutions that suits your needs best.

We, at UK CCTV Installations, offer reliable, cost-effective and highly secured CCTV installation services that cater for both home and business alike. Sound customer support accompanied by best industry practices makes UK CCTV Installations one of the most renowned and trusted CCTV London services company.

High quality equipment, industry’s most sought after engineers, are some of the aspects that best define us. With a team of highly experienced individuals, we deliver the best CCTV installation services at your doorstep.

What do we do?

We, at UK CCTV Installations, aim at providing CCTV installation services that serve both your home and commercial environment. We strive extremely hard to provide our customers with reliable and effective services at an affordable price and offer the latest technology for CCTV Installation, CCTV maintenance etc. We have qualified and expert teams to carry out the best possible solutions for the installations of CCTV camera for your house and business security. Our CCTV installers London will guide you through the various camera systems that are available and will help you to decide which system is best for your home or business.

All our systems are fully equipped to handle all your remote viewing needs. Our support staff will guide you thoroughly about all the components and assist you with everything that you may need in the future.

Furthermore, our highly technical staff and installation service make us the most reliable security solution company in London. We have an excellent track record of more than a decade and have delivered top-quality security solutions to all our customers to date.

Our valuable services

  • We are a team who are experts in installing CCTVs for both home and workspace throughout London.

  • We set-up, install, repair and maintain all types of CCTVs.

  • We offer consultancy services for deployment all over Greater London.

  • We take pride in offering our customers with the industry’s best CCTV London Installation services for exceptional performance. We provide 100% satisfaction to all our customers by complying with first-class installation practices.

Our uniqueness lies in:

  • Compliance with high safety and security standards.

  • Instant quotations with affordable options to choose from.

  • Offering invaluable solutions and services that perfectly suit your needs and requirements.

  • Attention to detail in everything from assessment to set up and post-installation.

  • Expert recommendations and full-fledged support.

We promise:

  • Professional London-based installers who are well-versed in CCTV installation and their workings.

  • Customised solutions to meet specific requirements

  • Dedicated Customer care and support

  • Quickest turnaround time.

  • 100% Customer satisfaction.

  • 3 years warranty on the cameras and recorder.

Why should you install CCTV?

Well, if you are pondering over why to install CCTV at your home or office, it certainly is the right idea, given significant increase in crime in and around London recently. Below are a few of many incidents that further support the argument.

A recent report published reveals that over £2.2 billion is spent on video surveillance systems each year in London, and the ubiquity of CCTV cameras estimates suggests a total of nearly 6 million. CCTV systems have their uses; 95% of murder cases investigated by Scotland Yard, for example, used the footage as crucial evidence.

A family’s private CCTV cameras caught a toddler’s horrendous hit-and-run. Toddler Lucie Wilding was following her mother to the car to go on the school run when she was hit by a cyclist. The cyclist fell off his bike, before riding away without an apology. Lucie escaped with cuts and bruises and the whole thing was captured on the family’s home CCTV. This incident played an important part in a public campaign to identify the cyclist responsible.

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