Currently, people have unlimited options when it comes to home security. Depending on their budget and their requirements they can opt for something simple and effective like a ukcctv installation or something elaborate and state-of-art like automatic lights, sensors, alarms, cameras on the front door and even the option of having professional security company taking care of your home security if you so desire. But perhaps the most important factor to consider when opting for uk cctv installation in Sheffield and security equipment is opting for something that provides all the necessary security capabilities in an all-in-one, compact structure.

A complete security solution

There are many ukcctv installers out there that provide innovative complete and all-in-one security solutions. There are many options to choose from that provide not just CCTV cameras and automatic lights but the whole nine yards of security installations that contribute to providing complete security to you and your home in all type of situation. Complete with night-vision cameras, infrared sensors, automatic floodlights and loud sirens, you will be prepared to protect your home in any circumstances. In other words, you are not one but multiple tools at your disposal when it comes to home security.

Here we are discussing the various components and features of this all-in-one home security accessory. And the beauty of this equipment is that any ukcctv installer can install it for you easily!

Standard Infrared Sensors and night vision cameras

You provide a positive to your ukcctv installation in case it is equipped with night vision. A clear picture whether during the day or in the night is a definite advantage when it comes to home security. In addition to clear CCTV feed, you will also be provided with the advantage of top of the line IR sensors; this means you will be notified of actual activity rather than that of your neighbour’s cat!

Convenient features

The current all-in-one security solutions come with a number of conveniences too. Basically, users don’t have to worry about storage space as the footage is stored in the cloud. There are even a few ukcctv companies that provide a couple of days’ worth of free cloud storage.

Another convenient aspect of this form of home security is that it is compatible with Alexa and Google assistant. Hence, you can access the security footage without any intervention just by giving simple commands to the Google assistant. Thus this security solution has in-built technology that makes it so much easier and convenient to use.

Taking care of intruders

One of the worst nightmares of any homeowner is dealing with intruders. Even this aspect is taken care of by this all-in-one system. Compared to just security lights that conventional ukcctv installations provide, this complete security package provides users with a multi-pronged approach. Using luminous, automatic floodlights connected to the IR sensors and a two-way audio system people can correctly detect and combat unwanted intruders on their property conveniently and in a way that doesn’t compromise on the security of the household.

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