The security of your home is a matter of constant concern, not simply because of the risk of financial loss but because your personal safety and peace of mind are at stake. Technology has provided us with highly developed locks, shatterproof glass and sensor alarms, but the value of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cannot be over-stated.

It is unique amongst security measures because of its dual function. Firstly, it is a powerful deterrent. No amount of security lighting, fencing or locking systems will be as discouraging to a burglar as the possibility of being identified. Should a malicious individual remain determined, the CCTV will provide ample footage for the police to use in tracing and apprehending the criminal. In virtually every physical crime, the first question the investigating officers will ask the victims or neighbours is whether there are any cameras.

CCTV Prices

If you appreciate the protective value of CCTV one of the first things you’ll want to do is to put a price on it. This is not a simple exercise because CCTV prices can vary considerably depending on the type of equipment you choose, its level of sophistication and functionality, even the manufacturer. These decisions will be based on the size of the property you are protecting, its layout, its location and how easy it is for intruders to access vulnerable areas.

It’s impossible to give a one price for all, because every property’s scenario is different. Standard systems which are more than adequate for the average home should cost hundreds rather than thousands, while configurations suitable for much larger properties could run to three or four times the amount. It really is a matter of identifying your needs and deciding how you wish to apply your budget. CCTV installation costs, including the price of the equipment, are not going to be astronomical and when it comes to the security of you, your family or your place of work, the investment is minimal compared to the benefits.

Issues to Consider

The level of CCTV installation costs you are prepared to pay will depend on questions such as these: what do you need to protect? Do you need internal as well as external cameras? Where would they best be positioned? Do you need to view footage remotely? At the high end, you can choose ‘ColorVu’ (gives colour at night) night vision cameras and Ultra high definition footage but it’s worth consulting specialists to make sure you have not missed any blind spots. They will be able to raise any points you’ve missed or advise you if some of your requests may not be necessary.

Other Factors Affecting CCTV Installation Costs

A standard four camera system is usually sufficient for an average detached house to cover four corners of the house. While a 3-4 camera system usually covers a semi-detached or a terraced house. Obviously, the more cameras you have, the higher the CCTV installation costs will be and if they need to be installed in positions that are difficult e.g. high ceilings on a commercial property requiring access equipment or installation of underground cables, these will also have an impact.

Ultimately, you are buying very valuable protection and even on a modest budget, the safety and peace of mind that CCTV offers is priceless.