CCTV installations have become a huge part of our life, today and are a major contributor to the improved security that we are experiencing today. CCTV installations are ubiquitous and synonymous with safer neighbourhoods and a higher level of security. Given the huge popularity and the universal nature of the CCTV cameras, we are being provided with a wide variety of different types of cameras currently. Each type is different with different capabilities and is suitable for different premises and situations. Here are the different types of CCTV installations currently available and the where and how to use them.

Dark Fighter Technology for a clear image

The dark fighter technology CCTV installations come with the capability of providing sharp and clear images, even in low light conditions. Hence, these can be used in all sorts of setups and are effective in all light and weather conditions, irrespective of whether it is night or day.

Dome Cameras

These are perhaps the most commonly used CCTV installations all over the world and in both domestic as well as commercial locations. The external and internal dome cameras can be used both inside and outside and act as effective criminal deterrents. The best feature of the dome camera is its shape; since it is covered with dark dome-shaped glass, one cannot know which direction the camera is facing. Finally, these are hardy, easy to install and come with vandal-resistant and IR features. Given the capability and the attractive features of the dome CCTV installations it is no wonder that they are so widely used.

Bullet Cameras

Specifically used for outdoor surveillance, the bullet camera comes with specific capabilities that make it ideal for outdoor use. Basically, the best feature of this type of camera is that it is ideal for long-distance viewing. Additionally, it comes with a tough casing that is resistant to dust, dirt and other natural elements, further making it ideal for outdoor surveillance. The IR vision, the compact size and the quality image resolution come together to make it a popular choice for CCTV installations.

Day/Night cameras

Another type preferred for outdoor surveillance, the day/night camera doesn’t need any special, extra installation to capture clear images in the dark. It comes with an extra sensitive imaging chip to help it capture clear videos even in low light conditions. Other attractive capabilities include being able to record both in colour and black and white and availability in different sizes.

Discreet CCTV cameras

Not every premises and situation can be ideal for smart and familiar-looking CCTV installations. There are some places where it can be more advantageous if people didn’t know about the CCTV camera. In such situations, the discreet CCTV cameras can be more advantageous. As the name suggests, these cameras are less likely to be spotted and hence help capture good images and footage. They can be secreted in everyday objects and décor and are effective for discreet indoor use. 

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