When the 25th of October 2019 was just a normal new day for many residents of London, it wasn’t a great start for Sultan Jewellers, in Shepherd’s Bush, West London. According to the evidence captured on CCTV, a group of three robbers drove a stolen Range Rover into the front window of the jewellery shop during a smash-and-grab robbery. The incident is said to have occurred at 5:20 PM and fortunately, nobody is reported to be injured. The car rammed through the front window of the shop before smashing the interior glass displays with sledgehammers and a hammer and shoving the jewellery into their bag. 

Video: The CCTV footage from the Jewellery

After successfully attempting to rob the shop, when the hoodlums tried to flee the scene, the locals chased them and managed to pin down one of the members, Ben Wegener, before the police arrived at the scene. According to the police statement, Ben holds a previous record for robbery, dangerous driving, possession of an offensive weapon, criminal damage and receiving stolen goods. In late November, Isleworth Crown Court charged Ben Wegener of being guilty and sentenced him to 10 years of jail time. The police also recovered the Range Rover, which is reported to have stolen from Wandsworth, South London earlier that month before the crooks decided to get into action.  

According to detective Constable Sam Weller, who works under the Central West Robbery Squad, he describes the act of robbery as ‘reckless’ and called it ‘sheer luck’ that everybody came out unhurt or seriously injured during the scene.

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