A CCTV system monitors the interior and exterior of a property, transmitting the signals to the display. If you are concerned about the security of your home or workplace, CCTV installations UK can help you in monitoring your premises anywhere, anytime. Many countries across the globe are now using CCTV systems as an additional tool in fighting crime. This blog post will explain to you how CCTV footage plays a major role in crime investigation.

Why do police request CCTV footage during investigation?

Police officers around the globe are using CCTV footage in crime investigation. The video footage is very effective in solving crimes because they record the crime and create evidence for court trials. Most investigators use the footage to locate or confirm the identity of a suspect. Investigators also use the video to determine whether an offence has occurred, observe relevant events surrounding incidents, corroborate victim and generate other investigative leads.

How CCTV Footage Is Used in Crime Investigation

The reason for requesting CCTV footage is more likely to be influenced by the characteristics of crime. A recent study has found that the detectives from Scotland Yard used CCTV footage to investigate a great number of murders and the video has helped them in their investigation process. A report shows that of the 90 murder cases recorded that year in Scotland, CCTV footage was used in 86 of the cases. According to police officials, 65 cases were solved because the criminal was identified in the footage or the suspicious activities were recorded before or after their attacks. Investigators say that CCTV footage is as important as forensic evidence like fingerprints and DNA samples.

How CCTV footage can help in crime detection and prevention?

CCTV footage allows investigators to watch the entire incident. The video provides information about the sequence of events, the methods used by the criminal, and the entry and exit routes taken by the offender. Even if this is not possible due to some reasons, CCTV footage can be helpful in refuting other evidence of what happened, such as witness testimony.

The recording may assist in determining who was involved in the crime either directly, as when a suspect is recognized or indirectly, such as when the footage shows the criminal touching a surface from where investigators are able to recover forensic evidence. The recording can also help detectives in establishing the timeline of the crime. Investigators can use the CCTV footage to verify the accuracy of statements of both the suspects and witnesses of the incident.

As a CCTV footage could result in the guilty plea of the suspect, it will help in reducing costs by avoiding court trials. The recording can be used to prove or disprove allegations against the suspect. Video footage helps in finding the missing individual or suspect and investigators use it as a source of material backup for witness testimony.

Applications of CCTV cameras in police operations

CCTV cameras are used by police officials in their day-to-day activities. Here is a list of the ways in which a CCTV system can be used by the police:

  • Training of new officers
  • Processing of crime scene
  • Patrol vehicle in-car cameras
  • Vehicle collision investigation
  • Undercover surveillance
  • Robbery investigation
  • Tactical operations

Benefits of using CCTV Installations UK

There are numerous benefits of using a CCTV system. Studies have found that there is a reduced level of fear among people in CCTV areas. Reduced fear of crime may help in increasing the number of people using the area. This increases natural surveillance and encourages people to be more security conscious.

CCTV systems can be used for general location management. Surveillance system helps in monitoring traffic flow, public meetings or demonstrations that may require additional staff. CCTV cameras assist operators in determining if alarms have been activated by mistake thus removing the need for a response by the police. Senior police officers say that assaults on police have been reduced because surveillance cameras allow them to determine the appropriate level of response to the incident.

CCTV camera operators can contact the medical services if they see injured people on the street. The ability to call for assistance is a public safety benefit of CCTV systems. Cameras can also be used to monitor the behaviour of offenders in public places. Operators often know the local offenders in public areas and the cameras become a way to monitor their movements. The potential of CCTV systems to assist in investigations may also drive criminals away from committing offences as they run a greater risk of capture.

CCTV camera is an excellent way to protect your home and business from burglars. Wireless CCTV cameras allow you to monitor the activities around your premises from your smartphone. Nowadays, most surveillance cameras come with night vision which allows them to record footage even in the dark. Read on to know more about the working of night vision cameras.

What is a night vision camera?

A night vision camera is an optoelectronic device that captures images in low-lightning conditions. The image may be a combination of visible light and infrared light. These cameras are mostly used by law enforcement agencies but are also available for commercial use. They have an image intensifier tube and a water-resistant casing to protect the camera against rain. Some cameras also include optical devices, such as telescopic lens, sacrificial lens or mirrors.

What Are Night Vision Cameras and How Do They Work?

How does night vision cameras work?

Night vision security cameras use one of these three methods to capture images in the dark.

Low-light imaging

Low-light imaging camera uses an image intensifier to amplify available light. The available light in the area is focused through the objective lens onto the photocathode of the image intensifier. The photocathode is a photosensitive material that emits electrons when light is focused on it. The electrons released by the cathode are accelerated by an electric field and they are bombarded on a plate. These electrons enter the holes of the plate and bounces on specially coated internal walls. This activity generates more electrons and creates a denser cloud of electrons representing an intensified version of the original image. This glows the phosphor screen and an image is generated on the screen of the attached device.

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging cameras detect the objects by infrared radiation and creates an image based on that information. The emitted infrared light is focused by a special lens and it is scanned by a phased array of infrared-detector elements. The detector creates a detailed temperature pattern called a thermogram and it is converted into electric impulses. A signal-processing unit translates the impulses from the elements into data for display. The combination of these impulses creates an image on the screen.

Infrared illumination

Infrared illumination cameras detect the invisible wavelengths of light and use infrared light to illuminate images in dim lighting conditions. IR cameras have a series of infrared LEDs that transmit infrared light in the dark. As infrared light cameras can interfere with colour images, IR cameras have a cut-out filter to block it during the daytime. The filter is fitted between the lens and sensor, allowing only the visible light to pass through in the daytime. Once the light level in the area drops to a certain point, the cut-off filter changes its mode and allows infrared light to pass through it.

Some Useful Tips

The CCTV installation and the type of security camera can have a great impact on the quality of the recorded image. Here are some of the useful tips for getting the best from night vision cameras.

Make sure the IR is powerful

This is one of the most important things to consider while choosing a night vision camera. All IR cameras have a quoted maximum range of 5m to 50m. You must keep in mind that the image quality will not be the same as indicated in the quoted range. Estimate your camera range and then add on a third to it. So, if you want to see 30m, then it’s worth investing in a camera with a 40m range.

Ensure that the view is clear

It’s important to ensure there are no devices that block the vision of the camera. This is because most cameras will adjust the exposure to give the best image. If there is an object jutting the frame, the LEDs will concentrate their focus in that area. This makes the image darker or sometimes nothing can be seen on the screen.

Calculate the mounting height carefully

The height of the camera will play a very important role in determining the quality of the image. For instance, if your car is parked at 8m from the house and your camera is mounted 6m from the ground, the actual distance from the camera to the car is 10m. Keep in mind to consider this while mounting a security camera.

IR needs something to reflect off

The light from the IR camera will not be visible until is reflected back from some object. Sometimes, the camera will warn you when there is nothing in the area. This doesn’t mean that the IR is not working.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a self-contained surveillance system comprising cameras, recorders and displays for monitoring activities in various places, such as a store or company. It is estimated that there are 25 million CCTV cameras in the world. Due to the legal requirements and criminal activities, many businesses invest in CCTV cameras UK to improve security. Read on to know more about the towns and cities by surveillance camera concentration in the United Kingdom.

Background of CCTV cameras UK

CCTV cameras were first developed in the late 1970s and were initially confined to places sensitive places, such as banks. The CCTV units were expensive at that time and the picture quality was poor. Since the last 20 years, the picture quality of CCTV cameras has improved dramatically and the use of CCTV has risen exponentially in the UK.

With technological advancements, CCTV cameras now capture high-resolution pictures and are capable of remote operation. They can even identify car number plates and record them on a central database. The congestion-charging scheme introduced in London in 2003 is a perfect example of this technology.

CCTV Hotspots UK: Number of CCTV cameras in UK

Number of CCTV cameras in the UK

According to the British Security Industry Authority (BSIA), there are 5.9 million closed-circuit television cameras in the United Kingdom. “This study represents the most comprehensive and up to date study undertaken into the number of CCTV cameras in the country,” said Simon Adcock, member of BSIA. “As there is no reliable source of data, no number can be held as truly accurate. However, the middle of our range suggests that there are around five million CCTV cameras in the United Kingdom.”

“This report is another reminder of how out of control the surveillance system of our country has become,” said Nick Pickles, director of privacy campaign Big Brother Watch. “This report should be a wakeup call that the residents of Britain have a sense of responsibility towards security.”

In the United Kingdom, there are between 291,000 and 373,000 CCTV cameras in public sector schools, and 30,000 to 50,000 cameras in independent schools. Restaurants have an estimated 53,000 to 159,000 surveillance cameras, while there are 159,000 cameras in health centres. Most of the CCTV cameras UK are funded by private companies because they offer the best return on investment. These companies also provide the majority of CCTV footage. These footages are an invulnerable source of evidence for the police.

 “There is a misconception among people that the CCTV cameras in the United Kingdom are owned by the government. It is private businesses that own these cameras, not the government. These cameras are not available to the government and law enforcement agencies every day, they are busy working to protect their owner’s premises,” said Pauline Norstrom, vice chairman of the BSIA’s CCTV section. “The police ask the private owners for CCTV footage only if a major crime occurs. Without the help of private businesses investing in their own systems, the police officials would only have access to one publicly-owned camera per 1,000 head of the UK population.”

CCTV cameras in London

A recent study has revealed the number of CCTV cameras used by the council and government buildings, but studies still attempt to find out the number of cameras used among individual buildings and private households. Although the number in the study can be troublesome, a figure of 500,000 provides a good estimate of CCTVs in London.

There are a large number of CCTV cameras in the London underground system to ensure safety and reduce crime. The underground system has 15,516 surveillance cameras. Most of these cameras can be found in St. Pancras and King’s Cross station, monitoring 81 million people per year. Here is a list of the top stations with the number of CCTV cameras:

  • Oxford Circus – 309
  • Waterloo – 303
  • Green Park – 210
  • Elephant and Castle – 190
  • Bank/ Monument – 182
  • Westminster – 177
  • Piccadilly Circus – 175
  • Wembley Park – 171
  • Canary Wharf – 167

One of the most powerful security tools, surveillance cameras are currently ubiquitous. They are now being used in all types of spaces, public and private, and are greatly contributing to making every space they serve secure and safe. The popularity of CCTV Birmingham has now resulted in the availability of countless types of cameras with countless and specific capabilities. If you so like, you can even find a CCTV Birmingham that has the capability of recording audio. But is this added capability really so desirable? 

The question of with or without audio

Best Way to Check If Security Cameras Have Audio

Whether or not you prefer a CCTV Birmingham that comes with the added capability of recording audio, depends on who you are and where the CCTV is. For example, if you are a homeowner and are looking to improve the security of your premises, you might feel a CCTV with audio makes it more effective. But if a camera with audio capabilities is being used in a public space it can become a violation of privacy, and it is important that you stay away from it, as much as possible. But first, you should be able to recognise whether or not a particular surveillance camera has the specific ability to record audio. So, here we are with five ways to check if security cameras have audio. 

  1. Using technology to get the work done

When it comes to research the internet and especially the Google search engine is the best. And currently, with the availability of reverse image search, you can search about things you don’t know the name of too! And this is the capability that we are going to use to see if a specific model of CCTV Birmingham has an audio recording or not. The way to go about is to take a snap of the surveillance and make a reverse image search of it. You will then be provided with the name of the model, using which you can find out what its various features and capabilities are and specifically whether or not it is capable of recording audio too. The best advantage of this method is that it can be done discreetly without anyone noticing and getting suspicious. 

  1. Physically checking the CCTV Birmingham

If you aren’t worried of people knowing that you are looking, then the best way to know whether a particular CCTV Birmingham has audio recording capabilities is to make a physical check. You can get up to the device and check to see is there are microphones installed. Generally, this can just be a small hole or a minor opening through which is audio is being recorded. This method can be a great way to be sure but only if you are knowledgeable about security cameras and know where and how to find the microphone. If not, the previous method is more effective. 

  1. Checking the video footage

Another great way to check whether a particular CCTV Birmingham records audio too is to check its video footage. Generally, most security cameras today store the footage on the cloud or users can view the footage on their mobile devices by accessing a specific website or through an app, etc. So, in case you have access to the video footage, this is a perfect way to be 100% sure whether a particular surveillance camera has audio recording capabilities. The only drawback is this doesn’t work for cameras in public spaces since in most cases, common people will not have access to view the video footage! 

  1. Customer support can help

When in doubt, the best way to find out is to ask someone who knows. And the best “expert” you can find is the customer support of the company that provides the particular CCTV Birmingham. This is perhaps the easiest method of all since all you have to do is call the customer support number and provide the details of the camera and directly ask the support staff whether or not it has the capability to record audio. The advantage with this method is you can also find out if it is possible to turn off the audio recording feature and if so how. The only drawback with this method is that you have to know the company that manufactured the specific camera and the specific model name to get relevant information. 

Thus, these are some of the ways in which one can be sure whether or not a specific CCTV Birmingham has audio recording capabilities. 

A CCTV camera installed at your premises is a major deterrent to crime. CCTV systems are able to keep track of what is happening at your property. By monitoring the activities of visitors at your home and business site, you and your family can have total peace of mind about what exactly is going on under your roof. If you are looking to install a CCTV system, UK CCTV Installations can be a great choice as it has over 90 CCTV installation teams across the United Kingdom.

The vast majority of CCTV cameras in the UK are not operated by government bodies, but by private individuals or companies, especially to monitor the interior of shops or businesses. According to a report by the British Security Industry Association, surveillance cameras are in the number of 4 to 6 million in the UK.

It is now a very common occurrence for individuals to use CCTV systems to protect their homes. It may seem like an appropriate way to protect your domestic space, but the number of complaints from members of the house is increasing. Complaints are often made by neighbours who believe that the security cameras are invading their privacy.

To ensure that you use your security cameras effectively and respectfully, follow the list of rules and tips enlisted below.

CCTV camera placement

If you have bought a new house, research the history of your home by asking past owners whether there have been any past break-ins. Determine the most vulnerable spots of your home. The most common susceptible areas include front doors, obscured windows and areas of your home that are dimly lit.

Make sure that your security cameras are not disturbed by outside elements. Cut trees or other vegetation that conceals the path of the cameras and also avoid placing your cameras in a location where they will be disturbed by the bright glare of the sun. Make sure that the night vision operates correctly in all conditions as it enhances the effectiveness of your cameras.

Things to keep in mind while using a CCTV system

The positioning of your cameras has a great impact on the effectiveness of the CCTV system. You can consider options like privacy filters if a certain positioning of your camera intrudes on your neighbour’s privacy. You become subject to the data protection act if your cameras capture images outside of your household. This does not mean you are breaking the law but you are the data controller. So, as a CCTV user, you will need to comply with your legal obligations under the data protection laws. You need to show you are doing it in ways that comply with the laws and uphold the rights of the people whose images you are capturing.

Take steps to ensure the camera is positioned correctly to avoid complaints or in some cases, accusations of violation of privacy or harassment. You can inform the public that recording is taking place on your property by having a notice. Informing your neighbours about the new CCTV system can help in reducing the number of complaints.

You are responsible for the CCTV recordings and you must use your system only for the intended purpose. Ensure that you know how to operate your system and that it is installed correctly, if not, read the manual. The date and time stamps on the footage should always be correct and the recordings should have minimum access. Only keep the footage as long as you need it – delete it regularly and when it is no longer needed.

Best locations and positions to place security cameras

The following are some common and recommended areas for surveillance camera placements:

Front door

Your front door definitely needs a security camera as 34% of the burglars enter through the front door. Place your camera on the second-floor to prevent burglars from knocking out your camera. You can also enclose your camera in a mesh wiring to help prevent it from knocking.

Back door

22% of burglary takes place through the back door, so you would benefit from using a security camera here. If needed, you should attach a security camera to every door of your home.

Near off-street windows

About 23% of the thieves also break into a home by entering through a rear window, away from the view of a street. You can point a security camera to off-street windows to keep those windows safe from burglars.

CCTV installations have become a huge part of our life, today and are a major contributor to the improved security that we are experiencing today. CCTV installations are ubiquitous and synonymous with safer neighbourhoods and a higher level of security. Given the huge popularity and the universal nature of the CCTV cameras, we are being provided with a wide variety of different types of cameras currently. Each type is different with different capabilities and is suitable for different premises and situations. Here are the different types of CCTV installations currently available and the where and how to use them.

Dark Fighter Technology for a clear image

The dark fighter technology CCTV installations come with the capability of providing sharp and clear images, even in low light conditions. Hence, these can be used in all sorts of setups and are effective in all light and weather conditions, irrespective of whether it is night or day.

Dome Cameras

These are perhaps the most commonly used CCTV installations all over the world and in both domestic as well as commercial locations. The external and internal dome cameras can be used both inside and outside and act as effective criminal deterrents. The best feature of the dome camera is its shape; since it is covered with dark dome-shaped glass, one cannot know which direction the camera is facing. Finally, these are hardy, easy to install and come with vandal-resistant and IR features. Given the capability and the attractive features of the dome CCTV installations it is no wonder that they are so widely used.

Bullet Cameras

Specifically used for outdoor surveillance, the bullet camera comes with specific capabilities that make it ideal for outdoor use. Basically, the best feature of this type of camera is that it is ideal for long-distance viewing. Additionally, it comes with a tough casing that is resistant to dust, dirt and other natural elements, further making it ideal for outdoor surveillance. The IR vision, the compact size and the quality image resolution come together to make it a popular choice for CCTV installations.

Day/Night cameras

Another type preferred for outdoor surveillance, the day/night camera doesn’t need any special, extra installation to capture clear images in the dark. It comes with an extra sensitive imaging chip to help it capture clear videos even in low light conditions. Other attractive capabilities include being able to record both in colour and black and white and availability in different sizes.

Discreet CCTV cameras

Not every premises and situation can be ideal for smart and familiar-looking CCTV installations. There are some places where it can be more advantageous if people didn’t know about the CCTV camera. In such situations, the discreet CCTV cameras can be more advantageous. As the name suggests, these cameras are less likely to be spotted and hence help capture good images and footage. They can be secreted in everyday objects and décor and are effective for discreet indoor use. 

Security is one of the prime concerns of people around the world. Whether we are talking about home or office security, it is something people have thought about, at least until they are able to find some sort of solution that addresses every one of their home and office security needs. One such all-in-one solution, currently widespread and ubiquitous is CCTV cameras. CCTV installations are a common thing, and something can is simple to install and can provide a comprehensive solution to all security needs.

 There are many ways in which CCTV installations London can benefit homes and offices and their security. Here are some reasons why one much have CCTVs installed:

  1. They are currently very affordable

 Whatever your security budget, you can afford some form of CCTV installations. Basically, the current technology is so huge that there are a wide variety of various types and forms of equipment that provide unlimited capabilities and services. Depending on your budget and your requirements you can go for simple and cheap options of you can opt for a comprehensive security solution. So, everybody regardless of their budget can comfortably afford CCTV installations in some form or the other.

  1. CCTV installations make great crime deterrents

 We see law enforcement officials and security experts consistently advise homeowners as well as commercial property owners to go for CCTV installations. Basically, the main reason for this is that CCTVs can be a great crime deterrent tool. Miscreants generally avoid all such premises that have been secured with CCTV installations as it is assumed that such premises are under surveillance 24×7. Additionally, the property owners can also enjoy peace of mind with the knowledge that their property is under surveillance.

  1. CCTV installations can help catch criminals

 Having CCTV cameras all in multiple locations can improve the safety of the whole place. A lot of studies have come out studies that show that cities, where the citizens opt for CCTVs, are less prone to crime and even when something goes wrong having CCTV cameras provides law enforcement official with video evidence and hence tools to apprehend the criminals quickly. This, in turn, deters miscreants from indulging in criminal activities. Hence, CCTV installations not only act as deterrents to criminals they also help law enforcement officials from catching the miscreants and provide justice to the victims.

  1. They are efficient 24×7

 The best reason why machines have replaced human beings in every industry is that when it comes to machines the problem of fatigue never arises. It is the same with CCTV installations too; CCTV cameras can work round the clock, 7 days a week and 365 days a year without any breaks. Additionally, it is as efficient and effective at any part of the day or the night. It works well whether the person is present on the premises or not. Thus, it provides efficient, effective and round-the-clock security services without any drop in its efficiency, regardless of whether it is day or night!

Currently, people have unlimited options when it comes to home security. Depending on their budget and their requirements they can opt for something simple and effective like a ukcctv installation or something elaborate and state-of-art like automatic lights, sensors, alarms, cameras on the front door and even the option of having professional security company taking care of your home security if you so desire. But perhaps the most important factor to consider when opting for ukcctv installation in Sheffield and security equipment is opting for something that provides all the necessary security capabilities in an all-in-one, compact structure.

A complete security solution

There are many ukcctv installers out there that provide innovative complete and all-in-one security solutions. There are many options to choose from that provide not just CCTV cameras and automatic lights but the whole nine yards of security installations that contribute to providing complete security to you and your home in all type of situation. Complete with night-vision cameras, infrared sensors, automatic floodlights and loud sirens, you will be prepared to protect your home in any circumstances. In other words, you are not one but multiple tools at your disposal when it comes to home security.

Here we are discussing the various components and features of this all-in-one home security accessory. And the beauty of this equipment is that any ukcctv installer can install it for you easily!

Standard Infrared Sensors and night vision cameras

You provide a positive to your ukcctv installation in case it is equipped with night vision. A clear picture whether during the day or in the night is a definite advantage when it comes to home security. In addition to clear CCTV feed, you will also be provided with the advantage of top of the line IR sensors; this means you will be notified of actual activity rather than that of your neighbour’s cat!

Convenient features

The current all-in-one security solutions come with a number of conveniences too. Basically, users don’t have to worry about storage space as the footage is stored in the cloud. There are even a few ukcctv companies that provide a couple of days’ worth of free cloud storage.

Another convenient aspect of this form of home security is that it is compatible with Alexa and Google assistant. Hence, you can access the security footage without any intervention just by giving simple commands to the Google assistant. Thus this security solution has in-built technology that makes it so much easier and convenient to use.

Taking care of intruders

One of the worst nightmares of any homeowner is dealing with intruders. Even this aspect is taken care of by this all-in-one system. Compared to just security lights that conventional ukcctv installations provide, this complete security package provides users with a multi-pronged approach. Using luminous, automatic floodlights connected to the IR sensors and a two-way audio system people can correctly detect and combat unwanted intruders on their property conveniently and in a way that doesn’t compromise on the security of the household.

Given that most security experts encourage their use, CCTV cameras have become an essential part of home security. As a matter of fact, the number of uk CCTV installations has gone up in recent years. And with the advantages that CCTV cameras bring home security, all new homeowners (and old ones who haven’t yet) should think about getting in touch with an experienced CCTV camera installer and get their homes secured.

Deciding to go for uk cctv installations can be great but looking closely at the CCTV cameras and related technology available today making the right choice can be a bit tough. Especially with the huge amount of choice and different types of technology at different price points being made available, you as a customer can get confused. The best thing in such a situation is to get in touch with an expert in uk CCTV installations or try finding more about the latest technology to make the right choice. Here are some things to keep in mind while choosing CCTV Surveillance Cameras:

The cost and longevity paradigm

The basic aspect that is to be considered in the CCTV installation or for any purchase for that matter is affordability. The surveillance technology today is so advanced that you can find devices and software at all price ranges. There are companies that provide all the required components at very low price points and going for such cheap devices can see as a smart choice. After all, if you can enjoy great technology at a great price you are making a great deal, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t as simple as it seems. Not all cheap products are low quality but this is the fact of the matter more often than not. Opting for less cost might mean not thinking about the quality, which can be a disadvantage especially with something as important as home security.

Another problem with opting for cheap duplicates is that the decision might mean added cost in the future. A lack of quality translated to a lack of durability and hence when the product fails you will obviously have to replace it. If this happens on a frequent basis you will end up spending more than what you have saved in the beginning when purchasing a cheap product. But this doesn’t mean that you need to buy only expensive technology and devices. A good way to ensure that you are getting the best deal is to ensure that the price isn’t too high and the quality isn’t too low. A good mid-range product with good quality build and moderate capabilities is enough to take care of your home security. In case you still aren’t sure, the good idea is to contact a local uk cctv installations expert!

Does the CCTV camera come with a warranty?

There are many sources from which you can purchase the latest surveillance devices and technology. There are individual providers, super-stores, and even companies and uk cctv installations providers available online who can help you with the purchase and the installation. But some of these sources can be shady. The best way to understand whether or not your source is credible is the warranty provided. Don’t deal with any company or service that doesn’t offer a good warranty on the devices and the technology. The unbranded devices might come cheap and might also offer the statutory six months warranty but in most cases, you will have problems when the six months are up and even if something goes wrong within the warranty period, you will have to put up a fight to get things fixed. So, it is best to go to an expert when it comes to ukcctvinstallations.

Making a choice based on your requirements

The CCTV and surveillance technology that is currently available is so advanced that the devices come with many capabilities. You have the choice of powerful cameras that provide HD images or you even have those that automatically connect to the internet, store images on the cloud and provide you with the opportunity to view a live feed of your home, surroundings, your front door, etc. So, the best way to find something that is best suited for you and your home is to list all your security and surveillance requirements and choose something that best suits those requirements.

A home is a place where we feel safe from all external dangers. And thanks to technology, we have devices that help us stay safe from crime and criminals and protect ourselves in case of any untoward event. One such convenience that helps improve our safety and security at home is CCTV cameras. Hiring an experienced CCTV Installer to get the job done makes this a convenient option to ensure the safety of your home. Here are some of the advantages of installing a CCTV camera at your home:

Feel Safe

A CCTV Camera on the premises translates to peace of mind. Having one installed at your home ensures that you don’t have to worry about the security of your home, whether you are outside or inside. You can go about your day without having to fret about the safety of your home or your family. But it is important to note here that you need to approach a genuine and experienced CCTV Installer to get the full benefits of a well-installed device.

A great crime prevention device

Even law-enforcement experts are of the opinion that CCTV cameras make great crime prevention options. Most criminals generally back off when they come to know that the premises they are targeting are under surveillance. Hence, having a CCTV camera installed will increase the chances of your home being safe at all times.

A great aid to law-enforcement officials

Having a CCTV camera installed at your home can be a great aid to law-enforcement officers in case a crime does occur. CCTV cameras these days are equipped with great technology and come with good specs so that recognizing, catching and prosecuting miscreants become easy thanks to the CCTV footage. Hence, having one at your home not only prevents crime but can also be helpful in catching the criminals in case crime does occur.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is another benefit of having a CCTV Camera installed at your home. Whether you are at work or you are on holiday in a different continent, the device allows you to monitor your home remotely. You will be notified in case of any problems, or you can just go and view the live footage online, on your mobile device. Hence, remote monitoring becomes very easy with CCTV Camera. Additionally, since the footage is stored in the cloud these days, you don’t even have to worry about the storage.

CCTV Camera and an intruder alarm are a great combination

Having a CCTV Camera in addition to an intruder alarm is great, especially if you have to stay away from your home a lot. When the alarm goes off you get a notification, and you can check the live feed to determine whether it is a real or false alarm and decide what you have to do next.

Reduction in Insurance premiums

Most insurers provide customers with discounts in case they have CCTV cameras installed. Thus, having one installed is a great way to ensure your home is safe as well as get a discount on your insurance premium.